Top 10 Fashion blogs, DigitalMint version

Hello readers! We are opening a new part of our blog in which we would like to honor our friend bloggers and their blogs as well! The rating that we made up consist from DA, PR, Alexa and other stuff!

In this first post from this category we would like to distinguish Fashion bloggers! We had been working with them for a while now. And lets be honest  – it’s a pleasure.

And now the list itself:

TOP 10 Fashion Blogs, DigitalMint version.

1) Electric Blogarella by Ginger Harris. Ginger Harris is the Miami fashion blogger behind Electric Blogarella, contributing her perspectives on fashion and beauty to the blogosphere.


2) DC on Heels by Vanessa Carmozzi. Vanessa is a self-professed pop culture junkie and lover of all things food, fashion and entertainment.


3) The Style Mermaid  byKisty Mea. Started blogging when I was 13 years old because I got the impression that I’ll become a really great designer if I had a blog, and I was right… well, sort of! :p As a lifestyle blogger, I am my own stylist, photographer, graphic designer, and writer



4) LiLPiNK by Kai Darul. Fresh CPA, blogger at heart, and Muslim and Tausug by choice and blood.


5) Chioma’s Evolution of Style by Chioma. Chioma of Chioma’s Evolution of Style is a twenty-something elementary education grad student and educator currently residing in Kentucky. She has always loved all things style and fashion related, and from that, in 2010, this blog was born.


6) TrendSurvivor by Nina Papaioannou. Love fashion, travel and style. I don’t believe in age appropriate dressing. I am a 40 something style blogger writing inspiring posts about fashion trends, beauty, travel and personal style.


7) SuperGlamNews by Melissa Flores. While in a computer journalism class in college she was asked by the professor to create a blog about a single topic. Melissa used this as an opportunity to combine her love of writing and beauty into one outlet.


8)  LovingSunshine by Kumiko. Kumiko Mae is LovingSunshine, your trusted beauty and book blogger since 2010. She writes about everyday makeup, skincare recommendations for the cosmopolitan woman, innovations in beauty such as beauty-related launches and events


9)  Thrift My Style by Sharon. A Home Counties gal who enjoys thrifting designer and vintage goodies from charity shops, boot sales, eBay and vintage fairs.


10)  Bike Pretty by Melissa. A girl from Silicon Valley, but I’ve also lived in Honolulu, Portland, Nashville, New York City, Milan, and Florence. San Francisco has been my home for the past couple years and I’ve fallen in love with the city all over again.


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