About Twitter

There are numerous rumors and talks about the effectiveness of Twitter towards SEO: in the traffic raising, in business promotions, in the endorsement of brands and even in cooperating with the clients. We can assure you, that all these talks are true. Twitter is an ideal polygon for all of the above and also a perfect fit for every web business. It has 500 billion of active users, 140 billions of focus groups which result in 250 billion of twits per day. Let us take a closer look to all the abilities of Twitter in correlation to your purposes:

  • Twitter can promote your content in a single click – one twit from a person with a large amount of followers would be enough to release your article as viral advertising.
  • Twitter is a perfect channel in development and increasing popularity. It gives a unique opportunity to spread your information among a concrete focus group, who will be definitely interested in its content.

Here are some of the privileges you will receive of using Twitter:

  • Your news or data will be released to a societal group of 100 000 and more concerned individuals
  • All your content will be posted manually by our blogger on REAL ACCOUNTS.

All you have to do is to send us your information, and the rest will be entirely our concern!