Back to Basics: The Concept of Reciprocity


Once, long ago, the economic relationships between people were based on the principle of exchange: a pure product in exchange for another pure product. Twenty bags of millet in exchange for ten head of cheese, forty jugs of milk in exchange for three deer carcasses. Such a structure has worked flawlessly for countless ages, and each transaction partaker obtained exactly what he wanted. Fundamentals of subsistence farming now underlie the very beginning of the economy, but today the pure exchange ceased to exist, with the products replaced by the conventional units. Ancient alchemists believed that not only nascent economy, but also the entire universe exists on the basis of the principle of equal exchange. If you want to get something, you must give something in return equivalent. The time has passed, both alchemy and subsistence farming have sunk into oblivion, but nevertheless the law of the equivalent exchange is unyielding, and over the centuries its accuracy has been not diminished at all.

I have some sincere doubts that whatever person has some life goals less important, than the ones correlated to profit. And there is no wonder, that we are possessed by greed, because people are naturally hungry for gain. Although the principle of equal exchange is unwavering, the idlers of all times have tried to deceive or circumvent it. With every present day passed, there are more and more people who crave to earn money by any means necessary, while making the least effort. Somehow it is widely believed that the easiest way to do it is online. In a sense, this is certainly true, but it is not as straightforward as it might seem at a first glance.

Make money onlineFor people who dream to earn easy money on the internet, the principle of equivalent exchange must be a cornerstone. Internet is a zone free from the conventionalities and boundaries, but there are some laws which exist even online. And any virtual gold-digger is ought to remember that if he wants to get something, he must give something equivalent in return.

Let us endeavor a thought experiment and imagine you to be a private entrepreneur who wants to get rich on the internet without spending a decent amount of money on a start up and not really straining too much. You possess a website which should bring you profit, which means that you have a pure product that you are hoping to swap to get something in return, something you require, some conventional units – namely, money. But the laws of the Internet are strict and inflexible, and you will have to make considerable efforts to get a return an equivalently considerable profit. Here you are – an entrepreneur, who starts his own content production business, for instance. So what does it take? How much effort? How much devotion and loyalty?

Dating  As a baby step, you should vigilantly consider efficiency of your outreach process, because this is, basically, the only thing you can do to get in touch with those who can perform the exchange you are craving for so badly. The outreach process is very similar to dating: the same timid first moves, a fear to disappoint and or to appear stupid. The same timorous attempts to force the issues in one’s favor, then a gradual acquisition of trust and confidence, lastly more and more daring and reckless actions, some challenges to impress and delight, and, as a climax, a close and trusting relationship, an open and mutually respectful one. It requires great labor, an endless supply of patience and subtle knowledge in the field of human psychology, because this whole process is, inherently, advertising. And advertising without the knowledge of the intricacies of the human nature is advertising of a poor quality or is not advertising at all.

So, is it possible to get the users to like you, and if so, how to gain their trust and respect? How to achieve someone to wish for exchanging their pure product to yours?

Nothing could be easier. Imagine yourself in the place of the consumer. Put yourself in the shoes of the person you want to benefit from. The principle of equal exchange works perfectly here, as well: responsive attitude, dedication and wholly-owned ardor are necessary. In return, no doubt, you will be offered what you crave for.

You need to supply your website with interesting and relevant content which will be interesting for a specific audience. The content should be written effortlessly, witty, grammatically flawless. Such content articles, although they may have no particular meaning, can actually play the role of an exquisite compliment. Something plausible, a trifle, which will make the user sheepishly blush while passing from your article to a proposed link. You are giving away care and attention, and in return you get what you are so eager for – money. As a bonus to the money comes respect and credibility, and very soon the articles from your site will become popular. The community of bloggers is very similar to a beehive, so the news are spread with some unbelievable speed. So gradually grows a gossamer interest that you have created by the impetus of your own efforts, and the gain would not take long to appear.

talented content-writers

At such times, it is vital not to stop, to keep moving forward. You are ought to hire a few talented content-writers, brilliant staff who are capable of transforming even the most dull subject in a literary masterpiece. Never skimp on the good writers – they are not much of them, and those who have the necessary skills are drastically outnumbered. There exist companies which have staff writers along with the outsourced freelance writers to generate content. These professionals are priceless and should be treated with respect, because only considerable, caring and responsive manner of relationship from your side will provide you with some tremendously superior content from their side. Make their salary adequate to their time and effort spent on making your content perfect, because the law of the equivalent exchange works here, as well. You pay well and treat your staff with respect – you receive qualitative content on time and with no complaints whatsoever.

It would seem that at the stage of the salary your relationship with your creative employees must end. However, it is still far from over. If you want some qualitative content, you should do everything it takes to make this content faultless in every way. Provide your writer not only with paycheck and respect, but also with loads of information about the desired article. Give the name of article, describe in the tiniest details the topic you necessitate, clarify the role and the message of the article. Do not forget to mention of it is possible for him to use his own experiences in the content and the purpose for which he writes this particular article. Be specific about the site, on which the article will be placed, what audience it is intended for. Offer him examples, showing several similar articles to the one that you would like to get in result. Make sure to add links with additional information and do not be lazy to describe to the author what you actually want to receive. In the end, it is you who is interested in making a profit from the articles written by the writer, and the author may write whatever he or she wants, if he will not be given the specific setting, and the guilt will not be on him. If you wish for a high rate of return on the content you order, you should honor that work with something you and your writer can be proud of.

communicate directlyWhen the stage with the writer is completed and you have received the content you ordered, the time has come to communicate directly with the site owners/bloggers who will post your article on their site. Before you begin a dialogue with this “landlord”, carefully evaluate the available content, and make a decision, once again using the law of the equivalent exchange: would you get the desired return in exchange for a pure product? Is your content worthy of the chosen blog? Is it qualitative and interesting enough? Can you try again to put yourself in other people’s shoes, but this time not a writer, but a blogger or a site owner? Think if you would like such an article to be posted on your own site. If the answer to all the previous questions is yes, you can procrastinate no longer and safely send your inquiries to the bloggers and/or websites owners.

Next point, no less important than the previous one, is the placement of the client’s links in the body of the article. It is important for the reference in article to be appropriate, no matter where they are. Try to put in only those links which do not break the pattern of the article. Following once again the law of the equivalent exchange: will you as the reader consider these links to be worthy of your time and attention, would it be satisfactory to follow this link to the site? Is the site useful and interesting in the exact same measure that was your times valuable? If not, try to avoid adding a redundant link. Only link to those sites which are correspondent to the topic of the article. And also try to remember that guest posting and outreach process is not a hunt for links, its central objective is branding, sales, and grapevine.

It can be said that the text above is a step by step guide on making business while managing content marketing and guest posting. It can be said that this is just a bunch of arguments on ethics and “laws” of Internet space. It can be said that this article is yet another example of what the content is about. It can be said that this is a reference to the concepts of long-forgotten days and generally does not make any sense. It can be said that it is life-affirming art sketch under the topic of: “do good and you shall be rewarded, even if you are online.” Countless things can be said and even more opinions can be drawn, but one thing remains the same. Think for a moment: did you learn something new and useful for you? Or do you feel like the last five minutes of your life was wasted in vain? Did you find some grammatical errors in this article? Have you forgotten about this article instantly or have you stopped for a tiny moment to repost it to some of your friends? Think about it, and I will be silently glad that the law of the equivalent exchange has worked yet once again, perfectly.